Amazon Launchpad: Sellers’ Questions Answered


If Amazon does its part and delivers the benefits promised as part of the Launchpad program then yes, it is worth it. However, we hear a lot of sellers complaining that the Launchpad support system is terrible and they don’t receive answers to their questions for weeks.

Also, many sellers say that their sales are not as high as they expected, even with the exclusive product placements that Launchpad has to offer. So, like many sales programs, Amazon Launchpad is far from perfect.

So, before considering applying for Launchpad there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Understand that you can’t get out of it for 12 months – this is very important to keep in mind, considering that some sellers are disappointed with low profitability in the product launch phase. You must be comfortable with waiting for a year to pass before you can leave the program.
  2. Verify your product idea using crowdfunding platforms – some products just don’t sell, for a variety of reasons. Maybe customers don’t get what the product is about, or it’s too early for it to be accepted. Maybe they don’t like the design. Even if you don’t need additional funding, test your product on a crowdfunding site to see what feedback you receive.
  3. Have a serious long-term plan before you start – products on Launchpad need to be sent to Amazon’s warehouses before a single item can be sold. This places a significant financial risk on the seller, as you will need to have plenty of stock ready right from the start and ready to go at regular intervals for replenishment.
  4. Leverage your crowdfunding supporters – you can use crowdfunding and Amazon together. Email your crowdfunding supporters a link to your product on Amazon so they can order additional items, generating sales and improving your search ranking. Keep them up to date with new versions, accessories and refills to maintain interest.

Above all, don’t expect Launchpad to be an easy ticket to success. The additional placements can provide a sales boost, and Amazon’s support is valuable if they respond quickly enough when you need them. But it still takes a lot of work and investment of your own.

Perhaps the biggest benefit is Premium A+ Content. Used well it can really help your product page stand out, and has the potential to lift your conversion rate. For some brands, that alone is enough to make the 5% fee worth paying.

This article was by Jelena Nuhanovic of Amazonia PPC, an Amazon marketing agency providing services including PPC campaign management, copywriting, conversion rate optimization, A+ Content creation, and programmatic advertising through the DSP platform.


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