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Name Price Features

Refunds Manager

Refunds Manager

25% success fee

Established 2012

Cases are reviewed manually

Submits claims for you



25% success fee

Established 2015

Claims are reviewed manually

Submits claims for you

Seller Locker

Seller Locker

25% success fee

Established 2017

Provides claim text and data

Submit your own claims or they can submit for you


Seller Locker

8% fee upfront

Buy claim details report

Submit your own claims

Fees refunded for denied claims

1. Refunds Manager

Refunds Manager is the veteran of FBA refund tools, established in 2012. It has secured reimbursements for Amazon sellers of all shapes and sizes, up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Refunds Manager is very easy to use, as it finds the refund cases and submits the claims manually using its own in-house team. It’s completely hands-off for the seller, but that means you don’t have much control over the process.

It’s free to get started with Refunds Manager. After signing up, you enter your MWS IDs and authorization token, then Refunds Manager downloads the reports it needs from Amazon. Cases are identified automatically, but then reviewed manually, for both efficiency and accuracy.

You can check on progress through the Refunds Manager website. Once submitted to Seller Support, each claim is given a Case ID which allows you to check when the refunds go through. You can also track your refund claims through Seller Central, by looking at your open support cases and account statement.

Refunds Manager waits 30 days for lost shipment cases, and at least 45 days for other Amazon reimbursement claims. There is no commission to pay on reimbursements that Refunds Manager did not claim themselves. It only submits support cases when Amazon have missed the issue themselves.

There is a 25% commission rate, billed after the reimbursement is deposited in your account by Amazon, so you only pay for successful claims.

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GETIDA Max Refund 350

GETIDA was founded in 2015 by Amazon sellers Max Borin and Yoni Mazor and has now grown to audit over $2 billion of transactions annually.

The system operates in a similar way to Refunds Manager, analyzing your data behind the scenes and then passing potential claims to a case manager who submits cases on your behalf. GETIDA’s service supports every Amazon marketplace worldwide.

It’s free to sign up to GETIDA, and reports are downloaded directly from Amazon after providing your credentials. Your data is then audited for a total of 26 different FBA claim types covering returns, warehousing, accounting, shipping and more. Initially the past 18 months of transactions are audited.

A dashboard is provided, showing insights into your data and also GETIDA’s progress in filing claims and obtaining reimbursements. If sellers file their own claims outside of GETIDA’s system those are kept separate and not charged for.

GETIDA charges a 25% recovery fee after reimbursements have been successfully processed by Amazon. There is no fee for rejected claims and the service can be cancelled at any time.

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3. Seller Locker

Initially, Seller Locker works much like Refunds Manager. You register, then provide your MWS API credentials so Seller Locker can download your data.

Once the download has finished, a number of tools are provided to help you manage your reimbursement cases. Sellers can use the data provided to submit their own claims, providing full control over the process, or Seller Locker can submit claims on your behalf.

Whichever option is taken, Seller Locker then tracks the cases you submit, so you can see the progress of your reimbursements.

Seller Locker also has a Pick and Pack Fee Manager. This is unique to Seller Locker and compares your actual product dimensions against the dimensions calculated by Amazon’s warehouse scanners, when an FBA order is shipped. It can then identify overcharging and help you file refund claims.

Finally, Seller Locker also provides a free, accurate FBA fee calculator so you can check the fees and estimate your profits, before sending products into FBA. Seller Locker only supports the Amazon US marketplace currently, but there are plans to add the UK, Europe, Canada and Japan.

Seller Locker charges a 25% commission, billed after reimbursements are received.

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4. AMZRefund

AMZRefund operates differently to Refunds Manager and Seller Locker.

After downloading your data from Amazon, it identifies all the potential reimbursement cases and calculates the total refund you can claim. This data crunching takes less than 30 minutes.

You can then purchase a report with all the details needed to make a claim, including instructions, at a price of 12% of the total reimbursement calculated. It’s an upfront payment for the data needed to make your claims, rather than a higher commission after the refund is received.

Once you have purchased a report from AMZRefund, it is down to you to submit claims through Seller Central yourself. You will need to satisfy yourself that the claims you make are accurate before proceeding.

It’s rather like the option of using a virtual assistant to do all the data analysis for you, but on a commission basis rather than an hourly rate. Crucially, you don’t have to train them on how to do that work. They are already the experts.

Of course, an 12% commission looks attractive next to the 25% level from Refunds Manager and Seller Locker. But paying 12% upfront for refunds you can potentially receive feels very different to paying 25% commission on refunds you have already received.

AMZRefund says they will pay back the commission on any claims that Amazon turns down, so you won’t be out of pocket. It should work out a lot cheaper in the end, but some sellers will still prefer to pay a higher commission after the reimbursement rather than a lower one before.

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