Shopify Tutorial- A Step-by-step tutorial

If you are looking for the simplest and comprehensive eCommerce platform to start an online business, Shopify is the best option for you. its user-friendly features make it easy-to-use even for beginners.

Shopify allows you to build a fully functional online store, where you can sell your digital or physical products without any worries, only with $29/month. It also offers 14 days of a free trial, a good way to know whether this platform suits your need or not.

So, in this guide, we will tell you about everything you need to about setting a Shopify account.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Do the right planning!

Planning, without any doubt, is the most important step of setting up your Shopify account. Not something you need to do on a laptop but just do a lot of brainstorming. What do you want to form your store? What do you want in your store? What is your budget? How you are going to manage your Shopify–all by yourself or hire someone to help you out? What will be the name of your business (something on which you really need to work on, after all, it will represent your business.)

Make sure that you choose the name of the business that has an available domain name.

Think about all the questions make a mind map. So that when you open up your laptop you already know what you want. Trust us, if you do the right planning you will save up a lot of your time.

Setup your Shopify account

Now the main step comes, open up your laptop, go to the Shopify website and sign up for 14 days of free trials. Shopify will ask about your store name, it must be unique. Then after this, you need to enter your name, address, country, and contact number, and zip code.

If you do not have any product to sell at Shopify right now, you just can click on “I am just playing around” in the dropdown of, “ Do you have products?” and “ I am not sure in the dropdown of “what will you sell?” section.

Click on “ I am done!” when you are finished and your new Shopify store is good to go.                  

Pay Attention to Themes

Just imagine, losing potential customers just because your theme isn’t attractive for the customers, hurts the most, right?

So pay special attention to this area. You can get a variety of free and paid themes on Shopify. You can customize free and paid themes according to your needs without using a single code. But obviously in premium themes by paying around $80 to $100 you can have a lot of customizable options, which can really help your online store to stand out. You can preview the theme before selecting it to make sure it is what you really want for your store.

Add your products

The next step is to add products if you are intending to sell your products right away.  You can do this by going to Products → All Products → Add Products.

Add all the information about the products you are selling, add relevant and clear images of the products you will be selling.

Do not forget the SEO, click “Edit website SEO” and enter an SEO descriptive title using suitable keywords, modify the URL, and then set up URL redirects.

When everything is done, click on “Save the Product”.

Optimize your settings

All set to make your online store go live, wait you can increase the reach of your store by optimizing some of the basic settings:

General: This allows you to edit your general information like your name, emails, your shop name, etc.

Locations: In this section, you can manage the inventory, fulfill orders, sell products, locations for your store can be retail outlets, warehouses, drop shippers, etc.

Shipping: It is the most important part. According to a survey, 40% of Mexicans abandon their cart because the shipping rates are high. So keep the shipping rate as economical as you can. Also, choose the payment gateway that is easily accessible by your customers. You can use various payment methods like transaction fees, payment by card, or offsite checkouts.

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to step and we assure you that you will be set up an amazing online store in no time. Happy selling!

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